Friday, 15 November 2013

60's spotty dolly dresses & i've never seen a pink fox

 I've had a real penchant for 60s dolly dresses lately. Above the knee, cute print, collar, preferably a bow at the (high) neckline. A little bit saccharine, a little bit severe. This dress is a perfect example. Picked up on eBay for $11 (I thought that didn't happen anymore?) it is thickly embroidered with spots and has a sumptuous satin collar, cuffs and bow. Did I mention that white is my favourite neutral these days? Even though I'm a serious grub and inevitably end up spending time at every party I go to hunched over the sink, scrubbing wine/soup/mud from dog paws off my glad rags.

Oh yeah, and I chopped my hair off again! Turns out I'm just a pixie cut kind of gal. Which I guess also means i'm a "too impatient to grow out my hair" kind of gal.

I've also been displaying my favourite clothes on the doors of my wardrobe, lately. Am I the only one? It just seems like a waste of prettiness to put them inside the wardrobe, ya know? At the moment, its a double feature: this silk 1970s Geoffrey Beene dolly dress, and this rose pink 1950's cashmere and fox cardigan. I am slowly collecting a rainbow of these cardigans - so far I have pale pink, canary yellow and cream, which I wore at my wedding. They are such relics of a different age. And no, I have no issue with vintage and antique fur. I believe in reuse and recycling! Put it down to watching too many Captain Planet episodes. I also get disappointed when my wedding ring doesn't control the Earth's oceans. Doesn't stop me from fist bumping the air and yelling "Water!" every now and then few minutes.

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