Monday, 26 August 2013


The Danger Zone is what a call a stretch of shops not a kilometre from where I live. As if it's not bad enough that I live right in the middle of two opshops about 200m apart, this stretch of shops, The Danger Zone, is home to an opshop that specialises in retro clothing, a vintage clothing shop, and a costume shop that just happens to sell reasonably-priced vintage. I need one of those ankle strap taser things for people under house arrest. I should not be allowed to go there.

But I did anyway. In celebration of the fact that I finally, finally got a desperately needed second job. And promptly dropped a wad of cash, thus proving why said second job is so sorely needed. Oh dear. I did find a couple of sweet silk bits and bobs for Pearl Vintage Archive, so it wasn't all unproductive ... I swear!

But most importantly, I bought this beautiful periwinkle blue silk faille and cotton lace 1950s dress (what is this, me in 2008?) because I am a sucker for that particular colour. isn't it lovely?

I also bought a grey and white plaid mohair coat for the princely sum of $20. Behold:

My glasses are a 1950's glittery kids pair I bought on etsy a few years ago and had my prescription put in them. It's so cheap to do it that way (as opposed to, say, buying $300 glasses from the optometrist that make you look like an advertising executive) that I've accumulated a bit of a collection. These would be my favourites if it weren't for a pair of rhinestone-studded beauties my husband picked up at a garage sale one time. I guess there's just a lot more Dame Edna in me than meets the eye.

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