Sunday, 11 August 2013


Everybody's got favourites. Foods, pubs, patches of sunlight, pieces of clothing. Usually defined by the amount of times you wear them, right? What about pieces of clothing you love so much you're afraid to wear too much - because that means it won't last forever. Such is the case with this amazing dress.

A 1960's plush black velvet dress made in the Crown Colony of Hong Kong. With silver bugle-beaded balloon sleeves and collar. A red satin collar bow. This dress is everything my dreams are made of. Except for maybe the weight - this thing is HEAVY. I love this dress to death. But that's just it ... I don't want to love it to death. usually when someone talks about saving garments for "dress", I pooh-pooh the idea and ramble incoherently about how everyone should wear what they love RIGHT NOW. Fuck saving it for "best". There is no "best".

But this dress is one of a kind. Really, truly rare. And I am not gentle with my clothes - I'm a bit of a bull in a china shop. Or a bull in a pub drinking red wine and eating chips with sauce. So this dress is just for the right moment ... which will come, one day. Til then, I'll just wear it (gently) around the house and fondle it a little too lovingly.

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