Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I got more stripes than I know what to do with (also some shit on my shoe)

At the risk of looking like a French nationalist, I wore yet another favourite colour combination today: red, white and blue. I love it so much, but in the land of green and gold, it gets me some funny looks, that's for sure! Anyway, I love wearing multiples of the same pattern almost as much as I love clashing, which I guess you can see here!

 Naughty AND nice!

Also, in the last photo, I may or may not have stepped in a little gift Bess thoughtfully left me on the lawn. The hazards of dog ownership, I tells ya. Charming.

I'm wearing:

• American Apparel chambray shirt, secondhand
• Nautical print scarf, opshopped for 50c
• 1950's striped skirt, courtesy of Etsy
• 1980's bass loafers, also Etsy
• 1960's cotton striped coat, part of a dress set, eBay

The deranged Uncle Sam look; and the moment of poop-truth, captured on camera for all to see, and broadcast on the internet. I can't be glamorous even if I try.

I also just finally joined the modern world and got a beaten up old iPhone from a friend (thanks Tom!) - which means, Instagram! If you like pictures of wooly jumpers (which is all I've uploaded so far), then by all means, you can follow me here!


Alice Hunt said...

Reminds me of arguments with mum as a child - "no mum, stripes go with stripes, flowers go with flowers, spots go with spots" I stand by that argument! haha! such a lovely outfit. More please!

Natalie said...

Haha, I love how many girls grew up with really definite ideas about what they should and shouldn't wear! I was a fan of wearing two hats, myself!

& ta very much!!