Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lost & Found

These photographs are from February 2011, when I first started toying with the idea of blogging again. I'm still toying with the idea, and feeling a little hesitant about it all. I'm not sure why. February just turned out to be too darned busy, anyway. I had my first solo show, at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space, which marked the end of my studio residency there, and I was in a residents' group show, BLAZE 5. Things have wound down a little now, although, that said, I'm moving to London and Berlin in six weeks' time. YAY!




• 1920's lace bra, worn as shirt.
• 1950's flocked cotton circle skirt, Etsy.
• Secondhand leather belt, opshopped.
• Cotton bonds socks.
• 80's western booties, Etsy.

While I tend to rotate all of my clothes fairly evenly (and despite a recent pre-Europe cull, there's still a small landfill-worth of clothing in my room) I've really been abusing this leather belt, bought at a Dubbo opshop for 50 cents. I wear it almost every day. The other obsession of recent months is coral lipstick. Clearly I am possessed by the spirit of some glamourpuss granny now in the Great Revlon Counter in The Sky.

silvers - february

silvers - february

trying to be 5 foot 6

Trying so hard to be 5 foot 6, by the power of hair alone.


• American Apparel u neck dress in 'green t'
• Secondhand leather belt, opshopped.
• 1950's silver quilted skirt by Florsheim Sports, eBay.
• Cotton socks
• Vintage leather oxfords, Etsy.


Rachael said...

Please come back to blogging - my feed is so much more glamorous when you're posting!

Kat said...

I agree with Rachael! Please come back to blogging. We love your style posts.

Sara C. said...

Very nice outfits. You got style
Sara C.

Pony said...

Rachael and Cat - you dolls! I think I'll definitely post more once I'm in London/Berlin. I promise to do my best! xx

Derya said...

I will be in the UK mid-August to mid-September. Please say you'll be there! Please please please!

& please post more. I miss you so! :( xxx

Natalie said...

awww no! i will be in berlin! sad sad sad grumpyface.


Derya said...

sniiiiiiiiiiiff :'(