Tuesday, 6 July 2010


last week

Last week, I ventured up to Sydney to visit my co-blogger-in-absentia, Pink, and check out some of the Sydney Biennale. I came home and promptly contracted yet another disgusting illness, which must be my fourth or fifth for the year so far. I have never been sick so often before in my life. Pink, by the way, despite his year-long absence from this blog, is looking more dapper by the day. He dresses a lot like my grandfather did in the 30's and 40's. And lemme tell you, my grandaddy was SHARP. So get blogging, dude. Buy a new camera. I am calling you out of hiding.

Before the trip to Sydney and the confirmation of my status as incubus-of-various-plagues, I wore this outfit, which also happened to be the maiden voyage of one of my newest and loveliest dresses:

last week

being silly
I get all silly and coy when other people take my outfit photographs for me.

I am wearing:

• Black rayon scarf, opshopped.
• Taffeta watercolour 1950's dress, eBay. The turquoise hem is part of the dress.
• Black wool tights, opshopped.
• Black Trotters oxfords, 80's.
• Beige SABA silk & cotton cardigan, opshopped for $12.00

It probably seems to any readers of this blog that I acquire new clothing, dresses in particular, at an alarming rate. And, well, I'm not going to refute that. I do. There has been a little talk along the fashion-blogging grapevine about the ongoing imperative to buy new clothing. I'd like to mention that this is not why I amass such huge amounts of clothing. I have always been a hoarder/collector of things that I find beautiful or interesting. Mostly clothing, but also books, records, art, suitcases, doll houses, matroshka dolls, musical instruments, my little ponies (har har) ... I come from a long line of collectors, including my parents, who hoard antique bits and baubles like it's going out of style. My grandmother had hundreds of buddha icons collected from her travels. So yes, I compulsively collect, but I always have. This blog has just always been a means of sharing my finds with a larger group of people than my long-tortured, indulgent friends!

Either way, I accept my eventual fate as an old lady in an apartment crammed with cats and fifty years worth of newspapers ...


Eli said...

All things are good in moderation..

love this dress on you, it's beautiful

Shallow Mallow said...

The trim is just the cherry on top. Gorgeous!

By the time we got us some wrinkles I imagine the cat-lady-blog-subculture'll be in full swing. Then again, they already do cat lady action figures (see link) :D

Leah said...

Ooh, really lovely dress. I always admire people who manage to find things on ebay, I've never had any success. Don't think I've ever expected a blogger to buy something for the sake of blogging, but I do love when people share what they've managed to find/make/love.

Emily said...

cute dress and haircut!

I'm also a hoarder, but this past spring made myself very proud by throwing up three garbage bags full of movie review clippings. Honestly, it feels so much better without them!

uselesslines said...

OMG I hear you re: your dapper co-blogger! Did you see his get-up for the zine fair? The best.
I hope the lurgies will leave you alone now. Come in and visit me soon!

Christine said...

I absolutely LOVE this dress- the blue peeking out at the bottom is amazing! Actually, I just love your style in general. You're truly inspriring!
Exchange links?

sixandtwenty said...

I love the mix of colours your dress, watercolour dresses always seem to have the best/most unusual ones.

Thanks for linking to that article. I hadn't read it before but found it really interesting. I'm a bit of a hoarder myself but only things I love... I'm not cracking out the credit to buy the latest clogs or anything.

My favourite blogs are ones where people are themselves!