Thursday, 24 June 2010

Almost Pyjamas



I have to say it - while I love winter, it also makes me kind of miserable. And a hermit. The fact that I have been putting myself under a lot of stress lately does not help, of course. But I would prefer to blame the mercury.

This leads to a lot of outfits that are as close to pyjamas as I can bring myself to wear in public. I'm talking bed jackets, petticoats, leggings, leotards. Stretch cotton and lace. Long socks and vintage lingerie.

This first outfit is what I am wearing today. The shorts are actually a nylon garter belt from the sixties or seventies. I modeled the colour palette after one of my matryoshka dolls:

matryoshka doll

And the scarf, a fringed silk one from the 1940s, is also printed with nesting dolls:

001I know. i look impressed, don't I?!




• American Apparel leotard.
• Black stirrup leggings.
• 1980's Charles David boots, eBay.
• 1940's fringe scarf, eBay.
• Vintage yellow nylon crepe tap shorts, eBay.
• Necklaces - Diva and gift from my mum.
• Vintage duck egg blue bed cape, eBay.
• Rings, from my mum.


This second outfit is warmer, more layered. I am wearing the slips I usually wear to bed, along with a recent acquisition, a H&M Garden Collection rosette jacket.




• 1940's accordian pleat slip.
• 1960's white lace slip.
• Black stirrup leggings.
• 1980's Charles David boots.
• H&M Garden Collection jacket, eBay.
• Black patent belt.
• Rings, from my mum.
• Necklaces - Diva and gift from my mum.

Winter days can be nice, though, when you have hours and hours to yourself - allowing very little responsibility besides small, quiet domestic things, listening to Van Morrison and drinking endless cups of coffee, the windowsills stained with brown rings. Yes, Winter definitely has its moments.


Mamushka Marie said...

that nesting doll scarf is BEAUTIFUL. i tend to wear negligé out and about's so light and comfortable! and your looks are so lovely...the textures are perfection <3
mamushka marie

Eyeliah said...

Great looks, I see the doll inspiration ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the layered slips -- do you still wear layered slips to bed? What about nylon nightgowns with layers of slips underneath?