Friday, 21 May 2010

The Red Coat

red coat

I think I just have to accept my fate as an intermittent blogger. Activities like scouring eBay for vintage clothing, painting, obsessively checking my email, eating copious amounts of toast and working hard for the money are just going to take precedence over blogging most days. And that's okay. I'm not to going to blogger hell for it. I hope.

It's already bitterly cold in Canberra, despite that fact that we haven't quite reached Winter yet. I have a habit of getting sartorially lazy when it gets colder, so I am trying to rectify that by sorting through my tights, cardigans, jumpers and coats, getting rid of and replacing anything cheap, nasty or unflattering. Reducing my options, I guess. This Witchery cardigan hits the spot - soft and in my current favourite colour - dark blue. I have to be careful, though - I work among a lot of different shops these days, which really just heightens my latent rabid-consumer tendencies, so I have to carefully consider each purchase. Correction. I should carefully consider each purchase. Ha.

Also: I LOVE THIS DRESS. Too bad it's so small. I ate dinner with friends last night, which for me means devouring my weight in dosai, and I had to unzip it at the end of the meal. Classy, eh?

yellow leaves


• Vintage 'Vera' animal print scarf.
• Pale cream pleated organdy 50's dress, Mam'selle by Betty Carol. To be fair, this dress would have withstood a normal meal's worth of food, but I ate way, way too much ...
• Grey cotton tights, underneath.
• Black 'Modern Vintage' buckle boots, purchased secondhand on ebay.
• Navy blue fine wool cardigan, 'Witchery'.
• Red 1960's juniors coat, bought at an opshop in my little hometown, last time I visited my parents.


This the coat I had to wear to face the ridiculously low temperatures last night:

on the phone

I bought it for five dollars at an opshop in my hometown. It's a 1960's juniors babydoll coat. Yes, I am STILL pleased with mself for this steal.

P.S. I am not pretending to be on the phone. My mum rang in the middle of taking these photographs. I'm not sure she even knew I was taking them while talking to her. Hi mum! Haha.


Eli said...

love the dress and the coat! our weather is changing too and now we are getting the heat over here!

MissMarbelle said...

I love your intermittent posts! ;-) Just because one blogs, it doesn't have to be one's life. Great coat; I'm mighty jealous of your bargain.

Franca said...

oh my god, I LOVE the dress! i hope i find something like it at some point. It would make an excellent wedding dress!

Tess said...

As long as you don't entirely disappear, I can deal with the occasional appearance. :)

I know how you feel with having a love affair with a dress that is just ever so slightly too small. I've got that with a 40's dress I can't part with. I can't breath, but damn, not breathing has never looked so good.

Eyeliah said...

Thank goodness for google reader, rrs feeds and bloglovin; readers will know when you have new posts so it’s all good ;-)

Kate @ Tres Lola said...

That coat is amazing, what a steal!! You wear it so very well.

Mamushka Marie said...

beautiful dress! no worries about blogging infrequently, it's nice to see you whenever you have the chance
mamushka marie

Pony said...

Eli - i am jealous!! i am forever checking out vintage bathing suits on the internet, awaiting the return of my beloved summer ;P

MissMarbelle - Thank you! And yes, that is so true. x

Franca - it certainly would! i don't plan on getting married at all, but i'll remember that ...

Tess - aw, thanks :) -- haha, i know what you mean. i have a couple of dresses that are reserved for when i accidentally drop a kilo or two ...

Eyeliah - lucky for me people are on top of all those technological whatsits ;)

Kate - I know! i couldn't believe my luck! i still can't! funny how much joy a bargain like that provides, as opposed to a more "normal" purchase ...

Mamushka Marie - Thanks, doll. likewise! It's always lovely to see what you're up to! x

Indigo said...

So lovely....yum red coat. I have a thing for red at the moment...hence my currently bright red hair!!!! Love you blog :) XX

p.s i'll definatly follow :)

The Sequin Cat said...

We'll always applaud when you do post N!

Still one of my favourite bloggers.

Stay warm in that lovely red coat!

Catarina Paulino said...

Beautiful blog!
Beautiful girl!

Kiss kiss

Pony said...

you dolls are so, so lovely. thank you :)