Sunday, 25 April 2010

Three Varieties of Showgirl

So, after my last post I began thinking about all of the delicate showgirl sparklies hanging around my wardrobes and vanity cases. I thought I'd put together some costumes à la The Citizens Band (see my last feathertastic post) that I would wear - not just on stage, mind you, but also for tea & whiskey drinking, bird watching, Doctor Who marathons ... whatever takes my fancy!

By the way, I didn't attach a bedsheet to the side of my house for this particular game of dress-ups. It was installed there so we could watch Dirty Dancing using a projector, while lying on the grass in amongst piles of blankets and elephant beanbags.


I've nicknamed this first costume "Twinkletits", because it's both vulgar and spectacular ... I think if I was a burlesque dancer, that would be my stage name.



I am wearing (in case you're curious!):
• 1940/50's violet velvet beaded one piece dance costume.
• A small showgirl headdress I made last year, tied to my shoulder.
• Ambra Ecostyle bamboo leggings.
• Silver lamé 1930's bow heels.
• Revlon matte lipstick in Strawberry Suede.



The elements of loungewear in the rayon scarf and children's vintage kimono in this outfit would make it appropriate for wearing in dressing rooms, after a performance -- or, in the real world, in my loungeroom, clutching my stomach after eating too much cake. I love this kimono, I wear it all the time.


Say it with me now: YOU. SILLY. GIRL.

• Vintage child's kimono.
• Vintage 50's purple heavily beaded burlesque top.
• Navy rayon tap shorts, from this 1930's circus costume.
• Black bamboo leggings.
• Black and white 40's spectator heels, opshopped.
• Navy rayon scarf, opshopped.


This last crazy broad is the Plumed Prom Queen. The soft pink tulle is offset by gaudy costume jewellery and witchy black Victorian-esque boots. Also, yes, in the last picture I nearly fell over backwards. Never let it be said that I am not an idiot. Also evidenced this morning when I poured ground coffee all over my maple-syrup-and-rosewater-soaked breakfast berries.

I think this outfit was my favourite. The headdress on the shoulder is about as close as I can get to a parrot at the moment, so that pleases me ... until I can procure a giant Scarlet Macaw. Or some kind of mythical Phoenix-like bird that shoots green flames from its eyes. Whatever. I'm not fussy.


• 1950s tulle prom dress.
• Pink crochet stockings over black bamboo leggings.
• 1980's Victorian style granny boots.
• Fuchsia velvet bow belt, came with a 50's dress.
• Two rhinestone 50's bib necklaces, one AB rhinestones, the other blue.
• Feather, velvet and beaded headdress I made a few weeks ago. Making showgirl headdresses is my therapy.


Amelia said...

Outstanding! I love all of these outfits and all of the sequins make me so jealous!!! Love!

The Sequin Cat said...

I'm still enamoured by your style. Want to raid each others' wardrobes?

Lovely outfits, as usual miss. Had to zoom in on the necklaces in the last outfit: very Tom Binns

Adventures of a Sequin Cat

Olivia said...

you and your style are both so incredibly amazing!!

Mamushka Marie said...

these are so delightful! i love the second one especially, that kimono is too good! alas, all are wonderful!
m a m u s h k a m a r i e

JennAventures said...

So I was reading the fabulous Yes and Yes comments and saw all the awesome introductions and was inspired to check out some of the awesomeness.

I am deeply envious of your showgirl collection. I have been hunting for one for a couple of years as I LOVE Halloween and am always on the hunt for the perfect costume months ahead of time. I'm enjoying all the style here.

mike said...

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