Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Night in Pink Satin

in the garden

Yes, another terrible pun. based on this song. You probably all understand by now that that is what I do. I get dressed and I pun about it.

Anyway, this is what I wore to see some art, drink some free wine and eat some Thai food ... otherwise known as the OTHER things I do on a regular basis.

I have never worn this dress before - this was the maiden voyage. I've been a little bit scared of it, to be honest. It's so, so bright, Barbie-esque and in your face that I was worried I couldn't pull it off well. But i'm getting less and less worried about intimidating pieces of clothing as i get older - I don't really notice if I attract stares, which is nice. Freeing.

lookclose up

I had gone opshopping earlier in the day and picked up this taupe belt - which has an ancient tag on it that looks fifties, but can't possibly be - who had a studded belt in the 50's, bar Bettie Page et al? It is definitely, however, an old belt. I would like to think it belonged to a woman who was Stepford by day, vixen by night. And so I decided to mix up the two - a combination of Betty Draper and the late Bettie Page, the studs offsetting the pink satin nicely.

I did not end up wearing my lovely biker jacket - it looked way, way too Grease for me. I am extremely wary of looking overly costume-y in vintage. To some extent, especially in this dress, it can't be helped, but I just don't want to look like an extra from Cry Baby.

Well ... on second thought ... maybe I do!

pink satin


• 50's/60's pink satin dress, eBay.
• Olive green socks, stolen from my mum when I last visited, I think.
• Taupe/olive greenish studded belt, vintage, opshopped.
• Black 80s Trotters oxfords, buried in the grass, eBay.
• Black 80s/90s biker jacket, from Shag in Paddington.


Kate @ Tres Lola said...

I love this look - the pretty pink w/ the olive socks. It's fabulous.

Danielle said...

love the color!

Eyeliah said...

I like puns, I can only seam to come up with them by accident.

Mamushka Marie said...

well the pun is fitting, i was thinking pretty in pink at first ;)...seriously, you can pull off any color i think.

Mamushka Marie

The Sequin Cat said...

I like it when you smile!

Lucky you, getting enough rain to make your grass grow like that. Crazy. Ours is still a giant dustbowl (see my latest outfit photos).

Adventures of a Sequin Cat

Pony said...

Kate - Thank you! i'm glad you like the colour combo :)

Danielle - Cheers! It's pretty fabulous and flamingo-esque, no?

Eyeliah - Between my boyfriend and my dad, who could easily fight it out for the Punning Crown, I can't really help it!! Haha ... x

mamushka marie - Aw, thank you! I wish it were true ... I'm no good in most shades of brown, and look bad in beige, it washes me out, sadly. xo!

The Sequin Cat - Ah, yes, I know what that's like! Canberra has been lucky, rain-wise, in the last few months. i love it! Grey weather is my absolute favourite. I smile and laugh all the time, I promise -- i'm just a bit more awkward when being photographed! :)

Stace said...

gorgeous dress! very bright but you pull it off :)

stace xx

frankie_cella said...

pretty in pink, me thinks!

anni said...

such a pretty dress !