Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Caped Crusader


Although here in the Antipodes the weather is still balmy, the birds are still chirping and our garden roses are blooming; I have been preparing for Winter in the form of a 1940's wool and persian lamb cape. It is quite big and bulky, and also the only brown garment I own (I am trying to get over my fears of brown, orange and purple!) so this morning I tried to come up with a way of offsetting these qualities with something delicate, while still staying relatively warm.

This is what I came up with - LAYERS, AHOY:



• 1940's brown wool and black Persian lamb cape, eBay.
• Black rayon 1930s teddy, underneath, eBay.
• Pink silk 1930's teddy, eBay.
• Black tights, most likely from the supermarket.
• Multicoloured 'O Nubbies' socks,
• Black 1970's boots, bought in my first year of university at a local vintage store.
• Red nylon headscarf, opshopped.
• Not a skerrick of makeup. Who's afraid of being makeupless on the Internet?

These socks, the 'O Nubbies' from Sock Dreams, are my favourite, most snuggly feet warmers ever. The red scarf I'm wearing picks out the red flecks in the socks, which are threaded through with a veritable rainbow of colours. They remind me of a white version of Freddo Frog Rainbow Crunch. Which, sadly, I couldn't find a picture of. Hmph.


Both of the 1930's teddies I picked up on eBay. One is black rayon and the other is soft pink silk. Silk is good at regulating body temperature - that said, when "real" winter rolls around, I will have to add a cardigan into the mix!


I would also like to mention, for the record, that wearing a cape has the added benefit of making you feel like a pantomime supervillain, wherever you are, and whatever you're doing.


hannah and landon said...

That teddy! You look adorable!

Mamushka Marie said...

i love working lingerie into my wardrobe, oh and your cape is so, so perfect!

Mamushka Marie

Eyeliah said...

this outfit is epic! happy to see you posting ;-)

Twila's Vintage said...

Oh the pink lace so so so so adorable!


a cat of impossible colour said...

I agree. I love capes. :) Have about five so far ... hehe!

A xx

Pony said...

hannah and landon - thank you!! i love the teddy too, it's so soft :)

mamushka marie - thanks, darling claire! x

eyeliah - well, thank you, lovely! i'm sorry i've been so slack this year so far! x

twila - thank you!

a cat of impossible colour - hehe, lovely to know another cape addict or two is floating around!! i actually don't want to say how many capes i own, because it's a wee bit embarrassing! x

Jasmin said...

This is absolutely perfect. I love capes too :)

Adrienne said...

Hi! Your blog is cute and funny! I love your sense of humor. Also, I've been trying to picture long bangs + platinum hair on myself for the longest time, and after seeing your blog I'm confirmed it's a good idea. Keep up the writing!