Sunday, 6 December 2009



The opening for this year's graduate exhibition was held on Friday night, and it was more lovely and exciting than I expected! My brother and his kids came down on Friday afternoon as a surprise, my parents and friends were present, and I received some lovely awards and some little red dots.

Fan-bloody-tastic. I could not be happier right now.

Pink was there too, and I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of his spectacular outfit, which, if I recall, combined white jeans, white Doc Martens, a plum-coloured velvet jacket and bow tie.

But I DID, naturally, manage to get photographs of my own outfit on the night. I also took photographs of my mum in her gorgeous 80's Yohji Yamamoto jacket, but they came out blurry. Oops.

Anyhoo, this is what I wore:


• 1950's blue and white lace strapless dress with union label, eBay. Miraculously managed to not break at the seams even after many wines and pad thai noodles. One of my beloved lecturers called it a "meringue", and I think that's about right.
• Red cotton socks, from a dollar shop!
• Spectator dance shoes, bought from a 50's repro shop when I was seventeen.
• Red headband, opshopped.
• 80's Ray-ban Wayfarers, eBay.
• Red 80's clutch handbag (unseen) which was my grandmother's.


Me with "the art", taken by my mother. Squinting suspiciously at some family member or other.


Skooter said...

That dress is just gorgeous! I love it with the red accents :D.

Pink said...

i dont think i managed to get any photos of my outfit either :(

twas a great night though!

carly. said...

my god that dress is incredible!! i can't ever believe the dresses you find on ebay...soooooooo gorgeous. im always jealous when purusing your blog. congrats on your night!

Mamushka Marie said...

cutest dress ever. you look stunning.

Pony said...

Skooter - Thank you! I'm a big fan of combining baby blue + red :)

Pink - Sad times. But yes, it was fantastic. At the risk of getting sappy, thanks for coming dude. It was awesome of you.

carly - I love it too! I think I'm on eBay a bit too often, actually! and thanks so much for the congratulations, doll.

Mamushka Marie - aw, thanks, Claire! xo

The Sequin Cat said...

Congratulations, lucky lady!

Adventures of a Sequin Cat

Pony said...

aw,thanks, mademoiselle sequin cat!