Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dorothy Shoes


I bought these silver lamé shoes a couple of weeks ago - They're from the 1930's & are by Daniel Green. My first thought was that they were the love child of the ruby red slippers in the 1939 technicolour Wizard of Oz, and Dorothy's silver shoes in Baum's book.

In other words, the perfect shoe.

They're in incredible condition for seventy or eighty-year-old shoes - completely wearable! They are, however, a bit big, so even though I've stuffed the toes with tissue paper, I don't think I'll walk much further in them than, oh, say, my own backyard.



Andi B. Goode said...

Those shoes are beautiful!
-Andi x

Chelsea said...

Incredible find!

Pony said...

Thanks, Andi, I agree!!

Chelsea - I know! The thing is, they were relisted on eBay twice before I finally bid on them. Noone else wanted them, which is strange.

Pelikan said...
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Pelikan said...

These shoes are really unique!