Sunday, 15 November 2009

AnnaKim Violette

In lieu of my outfit posts, which I will hopefully resume in a week - following my final Honours assessment and subsequent hangover - I thought I'd leave you with a couple of pictures of AnnaKim Violette, a LA-based artist, and her staggering wardrobe. Pictures accessed via TheSelby.

Oh AnnaKim, if I'm ever in your neck of the woods can I please rummage through your wardrobe like a voracious vintage fiendling? THANKS.


Mamushka Marie said...

ahhh...this inspires me soo...i want to fill my house from floor to ceiling with such things
good luck with your finals and that hangover too ;)

hannah + landon said...

ohhh seeing pictures like this make me miss california living and all the treasures it bequeaths!

sinnlighet said...

Yes yes yes your blog is filled up with wonderful inspiring.

Here is a footprint from me in Sweden!

Peace & Love


Pony said...

Mamushka Marie - thanks so much for your well wishes!! I want to fill a house like this as well. One day, one day ...

Hannah - If that's what it's like, I'm moving to California right now!! When I'm finally settled, I want to live in a house full of strange treasures like this.