Thursday, 8 October 2009


silk dots + cut-out boots

Theeeeeesss is what I was wearing to go out last night, to eat Indian food and see some, um, noise bands. It ended up being really cold and windy, so I threw my black biker jacket on over the top. My mischievous right ankle started playing up early in the night, which it has been doing a lot lately. So I switched the lovely, painful boots for black ballet flats.

And the noise bands? Juust not my thing, I think. Please remind me of that next time I'm considering going to see one. Say, "No, Pony, you hate that shit with a vengeance. Go and eat some cake instead. There's a good girl."

• Cut-out boots, Mollini
• Black wool tights, Columbine.
• 1950's blue silk polka-dot dress, recently hemmed by me, eBay.
• Cotton cardigan, Cotton On.
• Black patent belt, Cue.


Kasmira said...

The boots are, indeed, "killer!" And I really like the taupe paired with the black and blue. It's very fresh.

The Sequin Cat said...

Maybe not the perfect soirée but a cute outfit! I second the cake idea

(I know we're all busy beavers but I hannnng out for your posts; I don't know what exactly it is but you are defs one of my fave blogs to peruse so please take this devotional message as incentive to keep the posts coming!)

OK I've stopped. Sorry.

Pony said...

Thanks Kasmira!

& my darling sequinned cat, I'm so so sorry -- thank you for your sweet comments. I know things have been really slow, but I'm not stopping posting altogether. I hope things will be able to pick up soon, I have a lot to talk about when I get some time.

You're so lovely, thanks again.

kalla said...

The dress is amazing. Amazing.

Fly Girl said...

There's nothing better than silk polka dots. Love, love the total outfit.