Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Right Length

floral dress
Note the tired, puffy eight a.m. face. I'm probably thinking: Guhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I wore this to work last weekend: I'd hemmed the dress, a 1950's seersucker sun dress, the night before. I've worn this dress a million times because I love it so much, but every time I've worn it I've sighed and tossed up whether I should take it up or not. I have an aversion to altering vintage clothing too much - it irks me to no end when I see beautiful 50's dresses shoddily machine-hemmed and sold as "mini dresses" in trendy eBay shops. So if I end up hemming a vintage dress (or if I'm very lucky, convincing my mother to do it for me and send it back to me) I try to do it properly and carefully.

Anyway, I'm wearing:

• 'Blue Juice' jacket.
• 1950's seersucker floral dress. eBay.
• Raspberry patterned tights, opshopped in my hometown.
• 80's granny boots, eBay.

Here is what the dress looked like before. This photograph was taken early last year:

hardcore academic

I am so sorry for my long absences between posts. My thesisy thingy is due in a little over a week. My final painting assessment for Honours is looming. Between writing and painting, the only other things I do are eat and sleep. Sometimes I nearly fall asleep while eating. So bear with me :) I hope to be dressing up, flower picking and going tra-la-la very very soon.

I hope you're all doing well and are doing lovely things, gearing up for winter or summer, wherever you are.


Eyeliah said...

That hemming did wonders!

the yellow house in the U said...

I love it shorter. Good luck with your uni work!

Kasmira said...

I love the new length.

I know some vintage purists shudder at the shortening of vintage garments, but I think it that skirts and dress almost always look more flattering if they hit at around the knee, vs mid-calf.

Fly Girl said...

I totally agree with you on the hesitation about shortening. I own a passel of lovely 50s dresses and it always feels disrespectful to alter them. However, sometimes it is more flattering. I like the new length on this. I have a gorgeous violet velvet 50s dress that falls to my calves and I've been contemplating shortening it for a year. After seeing this, maybe I will consider it seriously.

dearilou said...

I really like it shorter. Wonderful pairing with the boots too.

Mamushka Marie said...

i like it both ways, but must confess that i like it more taken up. i too cringe at the sight of "vintage mini's" more like a damaged vintage dress...but in your case it really looks perfect. oh and you have an uncanny knack for mixing in black with things, i'm going to try it now too i think :)

Pony said...

Eyeliah - I'm glad you think so!

thanks, yellow house in the U!!

Kasmira - I agree with you, actually, which is why if a dress is too long and too special to alter,I just don't buy it. It's sad. I have to take most of my dresses up to some degree, though, because I'm only 5'2" ...

Fly Girl - oh, that dress sounds lovely!! I tend to justify it by telling myself that if the dresses are the right length,I will actuallywear them and they won't languish in my wardrobe. And it's true!

dearilou - thanks, sweetpea!

Mamushka Marie - I know. I really hate seeing 50's dresses that have been clumsily hacked off and then sold as minis in eBay stores ... for that reason I really do try to hem properly! I wear black because most of my accessories happen to be black. I don't own more than one or two pieces of brown. So I'm glad you think it works!

The Sequin Cat said...

My dear, no stress about absence between blog posts. I just love your work. Hope the end of year wraps up nicely for you! xx