Saturday, 31 October 2009

A Pile of Clothing and Procrastination

Saturday morning. The precious few hours when I can guzzle cups of coffee, listen to Nina Simone's version of "Here Comes the Sun" and ignore the pressing feeling that I have nearly all of the time - the need to get out of the house and do something productive. Bliss. For the next hour or so, at least.

I have also been ignoring a pile of clothing on my floor for the past couple of days. The pile consists of pieces of clothing I've bought recently, but haven't quite figured out how to wear.

neon hawaiian

Like this olive green and neon pink Hawaiian concoction, for example. The shelf bust is a bit strange - in that it kinds of makes my chest look odd, not quite in a Madonna way, more in a Xena-Warrior-Princess-after-an-overabundance-of-Pina-Coladas way.

yellow prom

This dress poses the question: Can I pull off the "Peroxide Disney Princess" look?

yay marching bands!

And, um ... yes. I bought another one. I love them. I have a marching band problem. Not to be confused with a problem with marching bands. They're fine. If only I could wean myself off the damn jackets. But what, what, what in the world will I wear it with? That's a lot of w's. But you get what I'm sayin'.

How would you wear these lovely, slightly batty things?


Leah said...

I've no idea how I'd wear them. I guess I'd pile on a few layers because it's become autumn for me - but of course, you do not have that issue! I must say, I do love your marching band jacket! And am a tiny bit jealous you found 2 amazing ones (I can't find one!) - must keep hunting.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh, these are gorgeous! If you ever decide to sell the yellow dress, please let me know. :) I've been looking for one for ages.

I'd wear the band jacket with high-waisted jeans or a big, full skirt. And a hat! A pillbox hat, if I could find a good one. I don't have any bright ideas for the Hawaiian one ... but the yellow one could look gorgeous with black tights and long black gloves?

Eline said...

Actually I think the last jacket would go splendid with the 2nd dress! The toughness of the one and the softness of the other might be a kick ass combo. Pair that with some red tights and you're off for destined fabness.

uselesslines said...

Cream marching jacket with indigo blue jeans!
Too hot now though :(

Mamushka Marie said...

i love all three pieces! especially the marching band jacket, what a find, seriously, nothing wrong with that! I think i would wear it with maroon tights and a mini dress and ankle boots of some sort...even some high waisted trousers might work nicely belted with a fitted've got me dreaming of a marching band jacket for myself now!

The Sequin Cat said...

Navy stockings with the yellow dress?

And I'm seeing volume with the band jacket; a big black tutu. Else, I agree with indigo jeans. Even though jeans make me shudder personally.

Let us know how you style them!

Adventures of a Sequin Cat

Pony said...

Leah - Yes, just after I posted this we had an uncharacteristic heatwave - which we're still experiencing over here. So layering might have to wait until next March :)

a cat of impossible colour - Although I don't think I'll ever sell it, if I do, you will be the first to know, lady! I'm thinking the full skirt (above the knee, methinks) and the pillbox hat idea are genius!

Eline - Yes! Maybe with some patent red shoes to set off the red braid ... mmm. Seeing as it's far too hot for tights at the moment :(

uselesslines - It is, sadly. And short shorts might scream 'chorus girl' ... not that that is a bad thing?

Mamushka Marie - Oh, you would look PERFECT in a marching band jacket, it'd be too cute! I'm thinking a sixties mini dress, maybe?

The Sequin Cat - I don't wear trousers much, period. But jeans would offset the strangeness of the jacket nicely. Also - tutu!! Yes! I would love a soft, raggedy antique tutu, that would be perfect. I will let you know how I wear them, for fure. I haven't worn any of them yet, I'm living in my painting clothes ... until Wednesday afternoon, when it's OVER. Yay!

Louise said...

Love all three pieces and I love your blog! Glad I discovered it.

Hannah Ricci said...

Just stumbled across your lovely blog. I adore the pink and olive dress!

Claudette Rose said...

i would wear it with a pill box type hat- or fury Russian type hat. And, nice big skirts, or sailor paints, high wait pants, something even a bit Mozart like- meaning shorter painted, with white stockings or stocking socks- with a nice pill box-ish hat with feathers and hair in a fancy =rolled on sides sort of up do... think big. and you could also wear a shorter fluffy skirt-- like a dance or costume one- with fun tights or white tights and boots! I love them as well! And I tend to think all over the map of history with them and some times just add my own thing too it as well... its all up to you and your taste. Its BEAUTIFUL! LOVE IT! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Where it with a matching color tank to under neath it then were a pair of skinny jeans with ir