Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Most Recent Treasure Consortium, As Promised!

I am back in the land of the internets! To celebrate, I thought I'd post pictures of the opshopped treasures I found during my most recent stint in my hometown. Sorry for the bathroom shots -- my parents' house doesn't really have any clutter-free surfaces or walls.

This 70's pink petticoat. Finding decent petticoats in opshops is getting harder and harder ... Lucky me!!

This staggeringly 80's shirt. Oh yes. I died and went to a tacky heaven when I found this. Three dollars for tasty candy stripe goodness? Yes please.

Four pairs of tights, two cotton, one patterned and one opaque. They're beautiful quality, and unworn, but the packaging had been damaged.

I think this nightgown is 70's does 40's, but it's still 40's enough to swan around in and pretend I'm Jean Harlow.

Scarves. I just can't get enough of them, even though I arguably own too many.

faigen handbag
And this.THIS. A beautiful old 'Faigen' handbag, in wonderful condition. I found it an opshop in a tiny town about half an hour away. For two dollars. Oh ye opshop gods, thanks for smilin' down on me!!


Jessica said...

Great finds! I love the white nightgown.

Eyeliah said...

Great white nightgown, have fun.

Pony said...

thank you!! i love it too, but i don't really know how to wear it. i don't normally wear nightgowns, and i don't know if i can't get away with it as a dress ... :P