Monday, 14 September 2009

Work and Play

Because my job - life modeling - often has specifications like "dress colourfully", "wear long drapery" and "wear stripes", my work outfits are usually quite fun to wear. These are a couple I've worn in the last few days.

goin' to work!!


• Pink cheapie cardigan purchased years ago.
• Rainbow pastel stripe dress, eBay, remixed.
• Mint green stockings,
• 1940's spectators, opshopped.
• Peach crinoline, underneath, eBay.

work outfit (again)


• Vintage scarf, a present from Boy.
• Vintage lace dress, vintage fair.
• Maroon tights, op shop.
• Black 80's oxfords, eBay.

In comparison, this is what I wore to go and see 'UP'. If you haven't seen it yet, GO. It's adorable. I cried. And considering that I laughed my way through the numerous deaths in West Side Story, it was no mean feat.

goin' to the movies!!

back view

being a total douche.


• Grey 'Cue' dress.
• Black buckle cinch belt, eBay.
• Royal blue stockings,
• Black 80's granny boots.
• Boy's navy tuxedo jacket, opshopped.

And after all that work and play, this Pony needs a drink:


Smashed strawberries, agave nectar, vodka, mint and water. Yum!


Q's Daydream said...

Oh my!!! That second outfit needs to be on me right now, haha :o)

lauren said...

in that first photo you positively look like a wonderful piece of yummy candy!

Le Tasché said...

I love the first "rainbow" dress and this gorgeous lace dress!

uselesslines said...

I'll have one of those thanks bartender.

polaris said...

Beautiful dresses, as usual!

Leproust Vintage said...

oh my goodness, I think I want your job!!! You have the absolute most beautiful collection of dresses!

Mamushka Marie said...

ugh! that lace dress is SO perfect, its killin' me really, and the navy blazer looks fantastic on you. i've been searching all over for a decent jacket and no such luck - yet! :) hehe. i love the idea of your fan tattoos by the way, they sound so gorgeous.

x's and o's!

The Sequin Cat said...

Loved UP and love your outfits... as usual

(how do you survive Canberra Winter? brrr)

Pony said...

i'm glad you all love these outfits :)

uselesslines - anytime!!

leprust vintage - i love my job, i just wish the hours were a little more reliable!

the sequin cat - thanks, love! up was such a beautiful movie, i loved it to bits. i survive the canberra winter by layering, which isn't something i really mastered until i lived in a european winter. as long as my extremities are warm, i find, i don't really get cold. so a beret for my ears, gloves for my hands, woolen stockings for my legs! it gets a bit boring after a while, though, so colour helps change things up. i often wear my welovecolors tights over my old woolen ones :)

a cat of impossible colour said...

I find it hard not to giggle through all musicals, even though I love them. There is something inherently comical about people bursting into song!

The Sequin Cat said...

I can't bear showing any chest skin when the mercury drops - you are very brave. I'm heading into a Parisian Winter and admittedly, not loving it...

L.Luna said...

Wow I must make this drink!

Kat said...

Hi - I am a new reader. I found your blog from googling coloured tights funnily enough. I was looking for inspiraiton on how to wear my new mustard yellow stockings and I think I have definately come to the right place. I have been reading your archives for about an hour now and am loving your blog. So I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and I look forward to reading your blog from now on.

Pony said...

Hi, Kat - thanks! it's always lovely when people introduce themselves. I'm glad you like the blog :) Have fun with the mustard tights!!