Sunday, 27 September 2009

Using The Imagination

today i'd like to wear ...

Some days you just want to play make-believe. Make-believe that it isn't blowing a gale outside. That you have money to burn. That it is summer two months too soon. Playing with Polyvore is fantastic for these kinds of days.

Other days, your trusty old G4 Powerbook decides to lay down and die, and you can't access your photographs for fear of killing it completely. So you borrow a Macbook and stare wistfully at your battered silver laptop lifeless on the table across from you.

Polyvore is perfect for these kinds of days too.

I went opshopping the other day and found some great stuff. I also bought an ivory lace dress with a bell sleeves that I am going to wear with a navy silk velvet ribbon tied around the waist. I also made a "baby headdress" from rhinestones, velvet ribbon & red-dyed feathers. But these will have to wait until I can safely get into my poor old computer.

Until then, I have two make-believe outfits. The first one I concocted quite some time ago, when it was freezing outside and I was dreaming of Spring. The other I made this morning, to sate my newly-found love of black and white, with splashes of colour. I bought the black and white Pamela Mann tights a while ago, but haven't received them yet. I can't wait.

What I'd Like to Wear Today

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