Saturday, 5 September 2009

Denim Again!

In a move that I'm certain will have Pony up in arms, I've once again decided to don the ol' difficult denim. And seeing as how I've just recently moved myself on to Sydney and it is perpetually summer here all year long, I thought I'd get all customisey and make myself a dirty tattered denim 90s rockstar vest!

I sorta wanted to channel Terry from the old fighting game Fatal Fury. I'm sure you can see where I was coming from. Sorta wish I had a pair of fingerless leather gloves now...

Coupling my vest of course with the obligatory bandanna (around the neck, Fred from Scooby Doo style), and then matching that red with my oldest pair of high tops, my good old Jordan 1's. I was originally going to wear stonwash jeans as well (either grey or blue, i couldnt decide) but i went with just plain black skinnies, too much denim can get a little overbearing...

Topped it all off with a Crooks & Castles shirt and my dodgy old Citizen watch, I'm pretty happy with how this outfit turned out. I ended up wearing it to a mates place for a BBQ then later in the night i went and saw french 80s god Kavinsky, i dont think i could have matched his style no matter how hard i tried.

crappy sound and video, but you can see his awesomeness!

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Blair said...

I remember these neckties and jackets. Those were the days. It's highly likely that we will see many of these fashion trends come back in style again. Stores already carry styles that resemble those from "long ago". Fashion is a circle.