Sunday, 27 September 2009

Baby Headdresses

two layered headdresses

Today and yesterday the wind outside has been strong and quite cold ... time for staying indoors, watching films and making little headdresses!! if you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I have a headdress obsession. I have been attempting to make one for AGES, but something has always gone a little bit wrong. Finally, I've cracked it!

These two are made from velvet & satin ribbons, rhinestones and feathers. I like them layered up, actually. I'd like to make more, in different tones, and layer them in ascending order, like pale blue, royal blue and violet. That might have to wait until after my assessment, however. After graduation.

In two days I go back to Canberra and it's head down, bum up until December. The thought kind of makes me want to cry. Because really, I just want to fly kites, make cakes, wear headdresses and feel this relaxed all day, every day, forever.


two layered headdresses


Skooter said...

These are so interesting! I really like them XD.

uselesslines said...

Wow these are gorgeous! Have you tried one out as a collar?
All the best with Honours - just think of how good you will feel at Grad Show! x

hannah said...

those are incredible! i've always wanted a full length feather indian head dress straight out of peter pan, but these are a more wearable version :)

Alicia said...

How did you make those? They're absolutely beautiful! I need one.

Mamushka Marie said...

oh my goodness i love them! they are absolutely fantastic! if you happen to make too many i'd buy one off ya' without a doubt ;)

Pony said...

thanks skooter!!! that's really lovely of you to say

uselesslines -- thanks!! & i've worn them as necklaces - a few feathers fell out that way, though! & thank you. i sure hope it all pays off later down the line :)

hannah - oh, me too, me too!!!

alicia - i basically pinned and sewed them all together, no glue or anything. maybe i should write a short tutorial?

mamushka marie - aw, thanks, darling!!

Alicia said...

I would die for a tutorial! I keep coming back to look at the pictures to see how you did it. They're so beautiful.

Caroline said...

These are so stunning and amazing and fun! I so want to try my own.

ninaribena said...

They are so beautiful. Really lovely.