Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Holy Grail of Jackets

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might know that I have been looking for a decent military jacket for about four years. By decent, I mean the full on Sgt Pepper deal. I also mean affordable, and not enormous enough to fit several large men and their respective paunches into it. This has been more difficult than you might think. So many of the jackets I've come across over the years have been seventy three times too big, or wayyy too expensive, too 80's, the wrong colours ... but now, I have found it. IT. the jacket. I added the buttons myself, ripped off the hideous panthers adorning its sleeves, and VIOLA! Heaven.

I really hated these panthers. They had to go.

Half-way through the button-sewing process.

newest and besterest jacket. ever.
YAY! Welcome to my squishy face of happiness.

This is a painting outfit. Though I did NOT wear the jacket while painting. You would not believe how much I love it ... I even tried to sleep in it. It was not comfortable.


• White Diesel glasses.
• Amazing amazing vintage band jacket, eBay.
• 1970's lace dress, Ebay. Inexpertly hacked off at the bottom and the sleeves by me.
• Dark grey leggings, Myer.
• Black 1970's boots, eBay.

So, I've found the holy grail.

Oh no! Now what will I do??


Michelle said...

Holy cow, that jacket is amazing! I wish I could find something like that in a thrift store!

Robin said...

that is an amazing jacket!

uselesslines said...

Mmm it is gorgeous! Finding an item of clothing you've been dreaming of for ages is kinda like finishing a really good novel - you might feel a little lost for a while...until the next obsession comes along!

Wicked Plum Vintage said...

wow that is really cool! i never find those jackets anywhere and believe me i look!

oh well, but this is totally smashing!!!!


Wicked Plum Vintage

Eline said...

h, that truly is the holy grail of all jackets! The day will come that others will try to steal it from you, oh the sadness D:

Eyeliah said...

wow it's amazing, so great to cross a long sought after item off the list - yay you!

Pink said...

even better than my blue one! damn you!

The Sequin Cat said...

Holy Batman!

Miss your blog posts dear xx

Pony said...

glad to see i'm not alone in my jacket lovin', y'all - i felt a little bit crazy the first time i popped it on!!

The Sequin Cat - ohh, thank you. i know i've been lax on the blogging front, it's nice to know i was missed :)


Derya said...

that is FAB! time to retire...

Pony said...

Derya - I can't retire!! Just think of how many other obsession are lying out there, in wait! Hehe.