Saturday, 15 August 2009

Heading Down To Sydney Town

So I've finally gone and made the big move to Sydney!

Well i mean, I've moved in the sense that I'm living here (see: sleeping on couches) when in reality I'm really just looking for a room to share and somewhere tolerable to work. I was also over in sunny Alice Springs before that for 2 weeks or so, and in Newcastle and even Canberra and the snow for a month or so before that again! Hence the lack of blogging, I've been living out of a suitcase and haven't really been dressing too spectacularly. Or shopping a whole lot.

But regardless of that lets get onto the handful of outfits that I've managed to get pictures of in the meantime!

Right here is me in Newcastle, about to go out to a lovely pub for some delightfully alcoholic ginger beer and some fish.

I'm wearing shoes by Apostle, Levi Blacks, i forget what shirt I'm wearing but i get most of my button ups from myer. Some random bow tie, and a ladies Espirit bomber jacket (which I've worn more than just about anything else this winter)

This is my attempt at ponys least favourite clothes combination, one of my true loves, good old fashioned double denim! I always say that the most important thing to keep in mind with wearing 2 piece denim outfits is to keep the tones different, I'm being a bit daring here with the pants being regular acid wash and the jacket being REALLY SUPER HEAVY DUTY acid wash.

I tried to keep it a bit simple with the basic white shirt and blue and yellow trims. My only regret here being that I don't have a better pick of the shirts label, its a deadstock vintage "Dubbo Squash Club" muscle shirt from the 70s, and it is just amazing.

Shoes by Nike, Hoodie by American Aparell and everything else from your friendly neighbourhood op shop!

And lastly this is a pic of me today, It's a little boring, but I think the simplicity of it is nice. This is just my usual everyday street attire, simple matching colours topped off with a bit of a B Boy aesthetic. It also contains most of my favorite brands and things!

Classic low Nike Dunks, which are good for just about every occasion, white skinnies from good old American Apparel, Vintage 90s Yankees Bugs and Taz shirt! (how good is it! i fucking love anything like that!) Vintage 70s Adidas tracksuit top, and the icing on the cake! my brand new Supreme cap!

And this is me doing my best ever impression of Derek Zoolander when he gets told to act like a monkey during a shoot (and if you haven't seen Zoolander, well, what are you doing!). I couldn't find a clip of it on youtube that wasn't taken down! sorry friends!


Andi B. Goode said...

It's kind of embarrassing but I've never been to Sydney. Well...I've been to the airport but somehow I doubt that counts. =\
-Andi x

Pony said...

Don't worry, Andi, I think the last time I was in Adelaide I lost a tooth - and got fifty cents from the tooth fairy. It's been a loooong time.

Hey Pink, you are looking stellar, boyyy! & I promise to go and buy the hat tomorrow :P

Pink said...

Andi, ive never been to adelade either! nearest i ever got was port augusta, which is pretty near, maybe some day...

and pony! yes, hat good! if it is gone im sure i know someone who works at a hat shop around here somewhere!

Alicia said...

I have to say I smiled when I saw your Bugs and Taz shirt. My brother had one *just* like that when we were younger. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw yours. I love it.

Pink said...

haha Alicia, thats what its all about! ive been pretty much wearing shirts like that my whole life!