Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Greatest Shirt I Own


I wore this today to go and write a seminar for my Honours program. I have been putting off writing it for weeks. It's done now - but it does make me wonder how in the hell I've managed to get through five years of tertiary education without learning how to become dedicated, organised ... and to not procrastinate.

Still, I made some great lilac-coloured cupcakes on the weekend. I only bake cakes as a work evasion strategy. It's probably not the best idea, seeing as the notion that "procrastination = cake" is now permanently embedded in my brain.

Aaaaaanyway. I'm wearing a shirt I bought on eBay a couple of weeks ago. It's a spectacular 80's Levis western shirt. It's also a children's shirt, which is why I can't button it up all the way! Haha. Oh to be flat-chested ...

Token unflattering dance picture. You love it.


• Levi's 80's plaid western shirt, eBay
• Pink vintage circle skirt, opshopped.
• 80's granny boots, eBay.
• Black wool tights.
•Aqua singlet (underneath), kids section of a department store, I think.
• Black rayon scarf, eBay.
• Neon pink thumbnail. I will get around to the rest of my nails later!


lauren said...

you look great, so simple and lovely. i have a fondness for those type of shirts too...


Eyeliah SS said...

Love all this pink together!

olya baileys said...

amazing shirt!

Mamushka Marie said...

the blouse looks fantastic on you! i love the contrast of pastels with black. oh and i too have a similar problem w/ a few button ups...not 'buttoning up'... hehe.

Lilee said...

wow it is preeeeetty awesome!

ZombieLace said...

I love the super long skirt with the boots, but the cute girly pastels keep it from looking witchy. Also, I am in a similar situation with my Honors Thesis except for the whole being finished part. But I also wonder, How come I can't focus and be self-disciplined, where was the required class for THAT???

Pony said...

thank you so much!! you're all so kind :)

zombielace - so true! where was the course entitled "Here's How To Finish Your Degree With a Minimum of Self-Sabotage and Internet Time Wasting"??

Q's Daydream said...

I adore your blog darling!!!! I will add you to my blog roll right away!!!! :o)

Pony said...

aw, thanks very much, honey!! i'll add you to my links, too :) you have a gorgeous blog and etsy shop!

kalla said...

It looks like springtime! Cute!