Saturday, 29 August 2009

Double Take

These are two outfits I've worn in the last week. See, I still think about this blog even if my blogging is few and far between!! Even Pink rang me this week to ask what happened to my posts ... Oops.


belted tent dress!

I went out for a stout and some Mexican food in this. Luckily the belt is mostly elastic because between the beer and the burrito my tummy did expandeth ...


• Cue dress, eBay.
• Cinch belt, opshopped.
• Black wool tights.
• 80's black oxfords + paint splotch.
• Motorcycle jacket.
• Black long-sleeved top.


in-trenched. oh god, my punning is awful.

I meant to go and see Inglourious Basterds in this outfit, however, the local mall had a massive blackout (which was amazing - being in a mall in the dark is much better than feeling like a lab rat under the usual fluorescent lighting) so I ended up going to a dodgy pub, where, with my beret and sweet little dress, I fit in like a sore thumb ...


• Yellow 'Pumpkin Patch' kids beret, opshopped.
• Yellow floral 60's tuxedo dress, ebay, many years ago.
• Turquoise trench coat, Tokito.
• Modern Vintage patent boots, eBay, secondhand.


Robbie said...


Mamushka Marie said...

fantastic! LOVE the beret!

Pony said...

Thanks, Mamushka Marie - I had to stretch it a bit to fit me!