Saturday, 1 August 2009

Art, Art, Art & A Pink Dress

Last night I went to an art show in someone's loungeroom. A sweet band with feathers in their hats played twinkly music in the kitchen and baked chocolate chip cookies in between sets. It was really lovely.

This is what I wore:



I've got to say, I've been out every night this week - mostly at exhibition openings - and I'm a bit tired! So tired in fact, that i'm going to actually relish a weekend in, writing my Honours seminar.

shirtwaist &motorcycle


• 1950's coral & white shirtwaist dress, eBay.
• Black vintage motorcycle jacket, Shag.
• Black wool tights over black opaque tights.
• Black patent buckle boots, Modern Vintage, Ebay.
• Pink vintage dress gloves, fingers cut off.
• Black slip (unseen)
• 'Just Jeans' cotton tank dress (unseen)

Yes, it was fucking icy cold outside. I don't get it. The trees outside are starting to blossom, the tulips buds on my little balcony are starting to redden. Spring is coming. So why isn't it warm yet??? Pout.


Bettie Booh said...

LOVE the dress!

Leproust Vintage said...

You always have the cutest little vintage dresses! :)

Pony said...

Aw, thanks, you two!! I'm partial to allll my dresses (obviously!) but this one's pretty special!

uselesslines said...

Aw I was meant to go to that - sounds like it was lovely!
You don't really want winter to be over just yet, do you? (just coz I don't) :)

olya baileys said...

aaawww, I just can't help writting how beautiful U are!

Wicked Plum Vintage said...

i loooooove the buttons on that dress! i love vintage dresses anyways, especially if they are from the 50s, but if they have cute buttons....HAPPINESS!!! ;)

Pony said...

uselesslines - i want spring really badly! i'm sorry!! i want storms and flowers and being able to have a picnic without having to wear my weight in wool :)

olya baileys - aw, thank you, love, that's very sweet!

wicked plum vintage - i think they're adorable too, i love old rhinestone buttons :)