Saturday, 15 August 2009

All The Things I Currently Want

I Could Make An Outfit Out of All The Things I Covet

Guh. Drool. That pansy & skull print skirt is plaintive sighingly good.

Yes, I just invented a word. I don't care.

I FOUND a boater hat this afternoon, too. For thirty-five dollars. I decided against buying it, because god knows I shouldn't, but I am now kicking myself. So much so that I may go back and purchase it tomorrow.

Sometimes I really really wish that I didn't have to spend my money on grown-up stuff. Then I remember that most of it goes towards food, paint and canvases, which are some of my favourite things in the world. I am lucky. So, really, I should just shush and be grateful!

And go back and buy the hat.


Pink said...


Pony said...

i will. i've decided. it was a private boys' school hat, too.

Pink said...


was it one of those straw, candy striped dancer hats?

Pony said...

yes. but no candy stripes on the band. a school crest, tho.

Sarah Von said...

I am drooling right along with you over the swim suit. Yuuummmmm!

Pony said...

isn't it amazing?? i think might be a leeetle bit thigh-tastic to wear it on its own during the summer, but i can't wait to wear it as a top with all of my 1950's circle skirts and 1940's shorts :)

Pony said...

i'm talking as if i already own it! oops.