Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Newest Dress

ta daaaaa

This dress arrived in the mail yesterday. The fabric has an incredible sheen to it, so much so that I thought the dress was made out of taffeta. When it arrived, I realised it was a glossy polished cotton. It's not perfect - I had to mend it a little, and perform some stain-removing maneouvres (trying saying that ten times fast) but it's worth it. It fits beautifully.

back view + baby fauxhawk
Back view + baby fauxhawk.


I'm wearing:

• Salmon-pink 50's crinoline, eBay (unseen).
• 50's polished cotton dress. eBay.
• Grey woolen stockings, stolen from my mum.
• Pewter-grey oxfords, eBay.

I dressed to the sounds of the Japanese "pajama pop" band Lullatone, this morning. Here is a little stop motion video of theirs. The song is "Little Songs About Raindrops":


Leproust Vintage said...
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Leproust Vintage said...

Oops...typo in my comment....let's try this again:

This dress is perfection! It looks stunning on you!

Tasha Jade said...

You are so lucky! Amazing dress. I quite love your blog. You seem fun. I like that :)

Pony said...

Leproust Vintage - thank you!!

Tasha Jade - I love it too. A friend dubbed it my "Dorothy dress" the other night and I think she might be right! & thanks - you make me blush :P You seem lovely too.

Karin said...

That dress is one of the best i've ever seen!! So envious!

Jenna and Maura said...

Lovely dress! The color is beautiful!

fritha louise said...

that dress is adorable! and i love your hair!

Katja Cintja said...

really cute!

Pony said...

thank you, lovelies!!

olya baileys said...

aw, such a cute dress!

Thérèsa said...

i love this dress, its so beautiful