Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Grandmaster Pink is Nerdier Than You, MIXTAPE

So not a outfit this post, but something from one of my other many interests, MUSIC!

This is a little something i recorded and put together this year, the tracks on here sort of represent the entire span of my rapping career and are mostly little things i never thought to release by themselves (as well as a couple of sneaky covers!).

The one and main purpose of this mixtape is FUN.

Mixtapes are fun.


-Download It-

the track listing!

1 Introduce Maself
2 Back In The Day, Feat; Super Dragon X
3 Bum Rush
4 Boondock Rock
5 Facts First
6 Master Narcissist
7 Proto Culture, Feat; Dexyamphetaman
8 Sammich Skit, Feat; Pink Tape
9 The Mission
10 Gameboy Sniper
11 Who Dunnit, Not Feat; The Ranger (Sorry Man...)
12 Well Mashed Up
13 I'm A Slacker Baby, So Why Don't You Kill Me?
14 (Cont)Rollin 20's
15 Freestylin With The Girls
16 Ninteen Eighty Nintey, Feat; MCRSI

All tracks recorded 2009 by Grandmaster Pink, mixed by Ricki Sparkles, all beats and the "sonic the hedgehog" logo used without permission, so sue me :D


Bazzle-Ka-Chazzle said...

i love the silk dress, it's so chic! <3

Bazzle-Ka-Chazzle said...

whoops, sorry, wrong page, it was supposed to be on the "Two Outfits..." one, lol..