Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Avant Chanel

avant chanel

This is what I wore to see Coco Avant Chanel last night with friends, and drink a really stunning vanilla rose cocktail. It was incredibly cold outside!

I'm wearing:
• Pleather motorcycle jacket, secondhand from 'Shag' on Oxford St. I was in Sydney this last weekend and thought it would be balmy compared to Canberra. I didn't anticipate an icy wind, and froze solid. The upside was, I bought this jacket! I love it to bits.
• 1940's black crepe & lace peplum dress, eBay.
• Black wool stockings, opshopped.
• Black 1980's granny boots.
• Yellow wool beret, opshopped.
• Yellow wool-lined perforated driving gloves, eBay. I'm not sure of the vintage. I'll guess 80's to be on the safe side.
• Silk multicoloured scarf, unseen.

avant chanel
Stunned mullet + jacket + gloves.

As for the film, I loved the way it was shot - the colours and shifting focus. I really didn't like the way it seemed to rush towards the end. It felt like an inappropriately straight biopic for an unconventional woman. Still, the clothes were beautiful. Of course.

Did you see it? Did you like it?


uselesslines said...

So lovely! Any ideas where I could find a nice pair of leather gloves around town? I'm at a loss, and when it gets this cold fingerless knitted gloves are an absolute joke!

Pink said...

you look like a freaking bond era russian spy!

and good job on the mustard pop with all the black.

Pony said...

uselesslines - oh, i don't know - a friend of mine bought a pair of leather driving gloves from 'ys buys' in belco, but opshops are pretty inconsistent. i tend to buy vintage glove lots on ebay - you can get beautiful leather gloves that way. does that help? good luck - i feel you on the fingerless knitted gloves. they don't do a thing!

pink - haha, i'm so glad you're a colour nerd too. i am unbelievably happy with the russian spy comment! just call me natalia ...

Leia said...

I can't wait to see this movie!

poshjane said...

The movie isn't as great as I thought it would be. I was tres disappointed.
It rushed through the whole second half and focused on her romances. I wanted the fashion!
PS I love your blog :)

Pony said...

poshjane - I felt the same way. Her costumes were gorgeous, but the whole movie ended really abruptly. And the ending was somewhat cheesy.

& thanks for your kind words :)

ambika said...

I've yet to see it but I can't wait.