Friday, 19 June 2009

Say Hello to Mr Red an Yellow

The other day i was going through some old boxes of stuff and i came across this awesometastic old Azumanga Daioh Pin from my younger years, it was this cute weid little thing of the character Chiyo's father (theres a closeup of it below, bizarre to be sure) and this outfit was basically all based around that, so red an yellow were the colours of the day and with the weather here at my parents place being so super-fantabulastic (winter my ass) i could wear pretty much whatever i wanted.

So im wearing Alife Public Outrage's on my feet, those opshopped Toby Lee pants that are so 50s/80s, some random white shirt, a red scottish wollen jumper, opshopped, and finally a Germany Addidas cardigan, eBayed at Ponys wishes.

i'll leave you with a clip of Chiyodad... "if im not a cat... WHAT AM I?" genius


Eline said...

aaaaaaaah! Not only is this outfit simply fantastic because of one of my fave colopur combo but also IT IS BASED ON 'FATHER' FROM AZUMANGA DAIOH. You are my hero now, mister!

Pink said...

haha, i like how you had to all caps your excitement.

glad someone else even knows what Azumanga Daioh is!

Grant said...

WHAT IS IT? I don't understand! Is it a cat? Is it a man dressed as a cat?

I like the ensemble; personally not a fan of wearing yellow ever, but you manage to make it work for you :D

Pink said...

Grant, that bit in your post, where you have no idea what the cat thing is? thats pretty much the whole point of the thing.