Sunday, 21 June 2009

Red, White and Blue

Well, my accomplishments for the past few days include eating carrot cake in bed, sitting in the rain despite being in possession of A Lingering Headcold, killing my favourite pyjama pants in cold blood and listening to Cat Power albums back-to-back while making tiaras from pink felt. My mid year Honours review came and went, in a haze of cold'n'flu tablets, and that's why my blog posts have been seriously lacking. Lucky for me Pink is picking up the slack lately!

Oh yeah -- the two of us were featured in a Canberra Times article last week, alongside the gorgeous Nina Ribena, Go Fug Yourself and Bagaholic Boy. Thanks, Claire, for saying all those lovely things!

Today's outfit is not spectacular - I've lost a bit of interest in getting dressed lately, as a result of being sick and the ever-dropping temperature. But I'm trying - I am out of my pyjamas, despite a strong urge to wear them everywhere.

This is what I'm wearing today, in search of bird sanctuaries and beer.

red, white, blue

• Blue scarf tied in a bow, a gift from the boy made of glitter.
• Red and white 'Lanz Original' dress, dated 1962.
• Blue 'we love colors' stockings.
• Tatty red patent flats.
• 1950's navy jacket, from a skirt suit, eBayed for $5.00.
• Peach crinoline (unseen), eBay.

polka dots & silliness
Being silly. In front of a camera. How out of character.


Grant said...

I really love your ensemble today! That dress is amazing, and I love that you're wearing a crinoline with it!

Congrats on your recent press success :D


Eyeliah SS said...

cute and classic combo!

a mouse said...

*you look just like a cute doll*

Pony said...

Grant - thanks so much! & i do love a good crinoline :)

Eyeliah - thank you, sweetpea!

a mouse - xoxo!