Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Overview

Not so much action on the ol blog recently, i got myself a second job and haven't had much spare time, but i have been dressing and shopping, and even occasionally photographing my outfits.

so here's a few highlights from the past few weeks, its been colder which is great for me, i've been keeping it preppy, with V-neck sweaters and dress shoes and ties and thin belts, onto some outfits!

So this is sorta my "dad on holidays in an 80's movie set in the 50's" outfit, that name pretty much sais it all, im wearing van authentics, op shopped pants by toby lee, vintage shirt by paramount, that fantastic lacoste pullover and some random elcheapo trillby thing i found in my sisters room.

I'm not really sure what my point of fashion was with this outfit, maybe it was the ralph loren shirt and that sexy thin belt, i cant really say, it just sorta came together really easily all on its own.

so im wearing shoes by apostle from Myer, American aparell jeans, that sexy opshopped belt, Shirt by Ralph Loren, which is just my favourite thing at the moment, it reminds me alot of these new plaids by AA, Jumper of the deliciously soft Scottish variety, ophopped, no tag, and a short brimmed trillby by my uncles brand hatology.

little detail of the the shirt minus the jumpre below too.

This final out fit, i'm just getting back to my roots, sorta beastie boyish, 80s B-Boy, yada yada.

I'm wearin Adidas Pros, crown cords by Krew, shirt by lacoste, Puma jacket and my favourite part, Kangol Cap from that Stereo collection a few years ago bought from the Strand Hatters.


Sarah Von said...

80s b-rad! How cute are you?!

Frankie said...

I like your check shirt outfit with the jumper on more! Maybe some red socks would have tied the outfit in a bit better me thinks.

Pink said...

yeah definately frankie, good call on the socks, ive got some too...