Monday, 8 June 2009

Blonde Venus

While freezing rainy weather is my very very favourite weather, the things I don't like about it include:

• Doing my laundry just before it starts to rain, so I have to hang everything to dry in my house.
• Driving without my glasses when it's getting dark at 5 pm.
• Bleaching my hair in a tiny singlet top in a cold lil bathroom.

I do like, however:

• Making these and this concurrently and dancing around to awesome playlists (who knew the Andrews Sisters and Ugly Duckling went together so well?)
• Eating in my car with the boy while it rains outside.
• Umbrellas!

That pretty much sums up the last few days.

So today, after a fresh coat of bleach, I went to see the Soft Sculpture exhibition and wander around the National Portrait Gallery. I really loved finally seeing Hesse's "Contingent" in the flesh, and I found Melinda Harper's work. I love her to death.

I wore this:


• Black vintage riding jacket, opshopped for $4
• My grandmother's sunburst rhinestone brooch.
• 1950's pink rosette dress.
• Lace leggings, a present from my mother.
• Black woven jazz flats, 1980s, eBay.

I also took a photograph of this the other night, in case you ever wondered what I wear when I'm hanging around my house, baking/mending/trying to dance like Ian Curtis.


• Blue geometric scarf, tied in a do-rag.
• Plaid pyjama shirt.
• Blue 1970's athletic shorts, opshopped for $2.50.
• Thick woolen knee-high bedsocks.

Finally, I am selling this 1960's pink chiffon dress on eBay in a continuation of my emotionally stunted, painful attempts to downsize my wardrobe:



Le Tasché said...

Love that black leggings and their contrast to the pink dress!

Eyeliah SS said...

adorable, that second look pose and expression and everything, :-)

emma brown trithart said...

Oh my goodness, please tell me how you tie your scarves! (do-rag, of course).

I have tried many-a-time and ended up looking silly.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I Love eating in the car when its raining too :)

Pony said...

Thank ye kindly, le Tasché and Eyeliah :)

Emma Brown Trithart - Well, i'm not sure my way is the "right" way, but your wish is my commend--

1. Take a large square scarf, at least 25" long.

2. Fold in half diagonally, so you have a triangle.

3. Place the flat, long side of the triangle against the nape of your neck, and tie the two ends in a knot on the top of your head, near the front.

4. Pull the triangle up over your head, so the pointy bit sits exactly over the knot.

5. Knot again, trapping the pointy bit of the triangle. Tie it into a bow, if you like.

6. At this point, I usually have bits sticking out of the sides of my head, looking a bit funny, where the holes are gaping. Just tuck the fabric into itself, so it sticks out less.

Ta daa! Hope that helps, kitten :)

Pretty Little Pictures - It's so nice watching the rain, isn't it?

Pony said...

oops! your wish is my COMMAND. my brain is surely melting, haha!