Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sparkles and Snowflakes

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Last night, I was concocting an outfit for a winter-themed party, and I was thinking about snow and snowflakes, when I came up with the idea of wearing my cream wool crochet stockings over my AA holographic leggings.

I feel like a proud inventor (it's probably been done before, but sssshhhh!)
I haven't put something together that felt new and magical in a long time. Hehe, I think I'm going to have holographic snowflake legs ALL WINTER. It will be my trademark ;)


laura said...

i love this idea - looks great. (: layering tights is something i love to do, too.

Anonymous said...


The Sequin Cat said...

This is awesome!

Pretty Pirate said...

It's so pretty, and in winter time you need some sparkle in your life. BTW, it's so weird to hear the word winter, when it's summery here.

Pony said...

laura - thank you!!

anonymous - glad you think so, too!!

the sequin cat - yay! cheers! xo

pretty pirate - that's so true. i really love the colder weather, but a part of me is jealous of you northern hemisphere girls! (the same part of me that just wants to wear swimsuits and drink mint juleps all the time ...)

Eyeliah @ said...

Great thinking!