Sunday, 24 May 2009

Oops ...

I have been away for a while. And I really wish I had something stunning to show for my fortnight's blogging sabbatical, but all I have is a couple of painting outfits. It's funny - I've worn some nice things to openings over the last couple of weeks, and have not remembered to photograph them ONCE. I feel like I'm always running out the door, these days. Always in a hurry.

I've been buying a lot of clothing lately, too - mostly vintage, of course! I want to write a post on my recent acquisitions, soon, because some of them are pretty gorgeous.

So - I'm coming up to my mid-year review. Things are a little bit hectic and stressful. And will continue to be for about a month, I think! Yeesh. So bear with me!

Aaaaaanyway - to the outfits!

raspberry beret

I wore hot pink gloves with this outfit - and some shoes, too, haha.


• Hot pink beret, eBay.
• Cream 'Country Road' cardigan, opshopped.
• Black petticoat, opshopped.
• 1930s cream petticoat, opshopped
• Black stockings, ooooollllddd.


• Painting boots (they are sadly dying)
• Vintage hot pink gloves.

purple & blue
God, I NEVER put my makeup on BEFORE I take these photographs. Oh well!!

purple & blue
Back view.

• Navy boy's dinner jacket, opshopped.
• Blue cropped short sleeve cardigan with rhinestone buttons, $4.00 from a landfill-type shop. It's awful quality, but good for painting in.
• 1960's floral watercolour organza dress, $2 from an ex-theatre sale. hacked off at the bottom.
• Black stockings.
• Painting boots. AGAIN. I am going to be devastated when they heave their last breath. One of the soles has detached almost completely. I have THRASHED these boots.

P.S. The Boy Made of Glitter and I both won some moolah (yep, that's right - moolah!) in separate art prizes this week. Yay! His was way more prestigious (and more deserving, I might add) than mine, but I'm excited for both of us!!


mg said...

ooh finally! damn, girl, i thought we'd lost you to the ether. please do the new objects review + let's hear more about the painting prizes.

Eyeliah SS said...

Oh cute looks! Don't worry about missing outfits, I do that sometimes too!

Aya Smith said...

Yes, very lovely looks! I love your hair as well ^_^

Pony said...

mg - the ether has definitely claimed me for a while, at least. i posted about some new dresses, though, to ease my guilt :)

eyeliah - it just seems like i remember to record the dodgy painting outfits and forget about outfits where i actually look half-decent!! haha, oh well, thems the breaks!

aya - oh, thank you!! you're a darling. my hair definitely needs re-bleaching at the moment, but it might not happen for another week or two.