Saturday, 9 May 2009

Dark and Mysterious

At least, according to a painting friend I was talking to last night ... I don't know if I've ever really been dark and mysterious in my entire life. But anyway.

I wore this to the opening of a solo show by one of my lecturers. He is pretty freakin' awesome and the show was beautiful.

I liked this photograph best:


But this one shows a little detail in the black (even if I do look mighty serious):

seriously, now

detail; cardigan, belt, dress


• 80s Lillie Rubin black and metallic lace dress, eBay.
• Black cheapie cardigan, cinched in with a 'Cue' black patent belt.
• Lilac stockings, over old ballet stockings.
• Black 1970's buckle boots, which fit me perfectly with two pairs of stockings and a pair of bedsocks on. I love these boots to death.

Also, say hello to my new 1980's Ray-ban wayfarers. They are a piece of saucy awesome.

happy happy 80s ray-ban goodness

I need to tighten the arms, though. They fall off a bit. Also, they came in their original packaging and EVERYTHING. Which is intimidating - I almost don't want to wear them in case I scratch them or something!


Pink said...

sunglass jealousy

Melanie said...

I love your outfit :)

Pony said...

Pink - yep. they are SO GOOD. i'm going to wear them like it's 1989.
[insert Prince back catalogue here]

Melanie - Thank you! It was a self-esteem boosting outfit - I felt awesome all night :)

uselesslines said...

That was the opening at my work! I should have said hello, but I was running around stressing out, as usual. Maybe next time!
It was a beautiful dress.

Pony said...

uselesslines - it would have been great to say hello to you, but i completely understand - it was SUCH a busy night!!

& thanks, i really love that dress :)