Monday, 11 May 2009

The Bag, The Dress and the Belt

On Saturday morning I went opshopping on a complete whim. I hopped out of bed, got dressed in less than a minute and left my house. And drove out to some not-so-near opshops. I went alone, which I haven't done for a long time. It was lovely. I wasn't going to document what I wore (see above, re: dressed in 40 seconds) but then a little girl at the opshop pointed at me as I walked past and said "Look! Daddy! It's a ballerina!!" so I really had to after that. I was beaming - it was so cute.

orange flowers

I wore:
- Early 60's chiffon orange flower dress, eBay.
- Herringbone tights by 'Voodoo'.
- Cream and black quilted target shoes, which I wear even though I KNOW they rip my feet to shreds. WHY.
- Cream 'basque' cardigan, which you have now seen approximately a bazillion times.
- White 'Diesel' glasses. I love vision!

And I scored:

This belt. It's a cheapie belt, but I've been looking for one like this for ages and I'm a bit of a tightwad when it comes to accessories, so ...

new blue bag
A blue bowling bag. I don't know what I'll use this for yet, but I couldn't resist. Pink and I used to pick up a lot of these types of bags years ago, but recently I've stopped seeing them in opshops so much. Airline bags, too. Hmph.

And my absolute favourite (maybe my favourite find ever):


An early 60's heavy white satin wiggle dress, with detachable tulip skirt, with a bow! And it fit, perfectly. The opshop gods have smiled upon me, though I doubted them and considered converting to eBayicism forever. I have hope again!!


Le Tasché said...

The orange flower dress is really a dream!

Elaine said...

I like your dresses!

Eyeliah @ said...

I so love the dress you are wearing and your new one is a dream!

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Both of those dresses are adorable!

Pony said...

le tasché - thank you! it's the only real orange thing i own, i think - so it must be good if i overcame my aversion to orange to buy it :)

elaine - thanks, sweetpea!

eyeliah - i am still SO HAPPY about my new dress, three days later!! thanks for being so lovely, as always :)

ballarat vintage style - cheers! i love them too!

ZombieLace said...

Great finds!! I love that your getting ready in 40 seconds look is a fancy adorable 60's prom type dress! And I could definitely see using that bowling bag as a little over night satchel or something.

The Sequin Cat said...

The dress you found is just incredible! Well done!

PS: Opshop gods, I totally understand this concept :)

Pony said...

Zombielace - aw, thank you :) i think i'll use it as an overnight satchel, for sure. util i do, it'll just look nice sitting around my house, i think!

the sequin cat - i really love it!! i feel really put-together in it.

& i'm glad know what i mean about the opshop gods! ;)

fröken lila said...

those are some seriously awesome finds! especially the belt, i love the buckles and its structure...
i just kind of stumbled over your blog, and think it's really lovely! i will surely come back again.

Pony said...

fröken lila - thank you so much!!