Sunday, 12 April 2009

Why Oh Why

I love lace. I love circle skirts, babydoll nightgowns in pale powder shades, bows, crinolines, wasp-waist jackets, wearing foundation garments ... clothes so pretty they're almost sickly sweet.

So why oh why can't I stop thinking about skull rings?

Turquoise, yellow gold, diamond and lacquer skull ring by Christian Dior, Fall 2006

I want a crystal-encrusted, huge, sparkly skull ring - nothing that screams "I-still-listen-to-Metallica-without-the-slightest-hint-of-irony", or "Tim-Burton-is-my-kitsch-bitch" - but something closer to wearing a piece of Damien Hirst on my middle finger. Which seems about right, really.


TheMinx said...

oooh, that is amazing :)

Pony said...

isn't it just?? sigh.