Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Vintage Prom Dresses + Bathtubs

A few of my favourites - they look pretty all together, all pastel ruffles and translucent tulle. One day I want to live in a place big enough so that I can just hang my favourite pieces of clothing on the walls, and pluck them off the hook when I want to wear them.





Front to back: Blue 1950's tulle dress, eBay; Pink 1950's tulle dress, eBay; Sequin, tulle and rhinestone 1960's prom dress, vintage market in Canberra; 1950's coral ruffle dress, eBay; white 1950's ruffle embroidered dress, eBay.


a cat of impossible colour said...

Sooooooo envious. :)

Cathy said...

What a neat collection. the peach one is especially standing out.

Would love to see pics of you wearing them.

I just compiled a list of the top 52 chic vintage items - these dresses could be one of them. Let me know.

lauren said...

i really like these photos and i like that you just have these dresses, i love party dresses too but always pass them up because there is no where to wear them. :(

ZombieLace said...

Gorgeous dresses, they would make fantastic wall pieces!! I wish I could do my highschool proms over again, I would wear a glorious vintage dress in a heart beat instead of those old forgettable department store yawns I opted for in the follies of youth :~)

Amanda said...

nothing better than a vintage dress!

Pony said...

acatofimpossiblecolour - we're even then! i am envious of your ability to pluck beautiful dresses out of thin-opshop-air, so there :)

Cathy - yes, I love it. there's pictures of me wearing a few of them on my flickr :)

i'd be incredibly flattered if you added these to your list - your blog is lovely!

lauren - it's tricky, isn't it? if you wear dresses like these you have to be resigned to the fact that you WILL get a lot of attention wherever you go - especially if you wear them out of context. maybe you could host a party? (as an excuse to buy one?)

ZombieLace - ah, the follies of youth :P My mother, who is an amazing seamstress, made my formal dresses - one was very Victorian-looking (Pink and I went as a Victorian pair, actually) and one was a lace 1930's-style dress, so I was kind of dapper for a clueless young thing! Still, if I could go back in time I'd wear a big, poufy 1950's gown too!

Amanda - I completely agree, of course!!

ambika said...

Really just so lovely.

petrina said...

Amazingly gorgeous!

mike said...

Love the gowns. Where are you wearing them? Just curious.
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