Sunday, 26 April 2009

Supermarkets and Umbrellas and Bleach

Oh my.

supermarket adventures

This is what I wore to go to the supermarket to buy hair dye and toner. It was freezing and grey as I walked there, raining hard when I left (so I bought a black umbrella), a windy sunshower halfway through my walk home and a bright, sunny cloudless day when I arrived home. The whole trip didn't take me more than half an hour. What the hell. I added vintage gloves before I left, and I'm glad I did - baby, it's cold outside. Autumn has definitely set in. Which is fantastic where I live, because the trees near my house all seem to go a bright, perfect shade of lipstick red. It's beautiful.

supermarket adventures

I'm wearing:

• 1950's pink cotton shirtwaist dress with a neck bow by 'L'Aiglon'. I have had it for a year and have never worn it because it was almost full length. Last weekend my mother was a doll and took it up for me. Now I'm going to wear it as much as I can! This dress and I have so much lost time to make up for!
• Beige lambswool cardigan by Basque, bought years ago.
• Black patent belt, 'Cue'.
• Black bamboo tights, which are incredible. If you happen to be a strict vegan (i.e. living a life sans wool) & are looking for a warm pair of tights, bamboo's the business, I'm tellin' ya.
• Black painting boots.
• Half-shaved hair that desperately needs retouching. To the Bleachmobile!!

Dress and glove detail:
glove detail


¶ MICHELLE.K said...

I'm loving each and every single item your wearing. Very sweet love.

Le Tasché said...

Lovely dress combined with that black belt. The gloves are a dream!

The Peahen said...

Lovely outfit! After having suffered through this chilly long weekend I'm curious about the bamboo tights. Where did you get them?

Pony said...

Thank you, everyone, you're so lovely!!

The Peahen - I bought them in Myer (an Australian department store) just in the hosiery section. They were by Ambra - you can find them here:

Good luck!

laura said...

it's always so crazy to read about autumn when spring has just arrived here. i really like your outfit, the colors and textures are great. (: