Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Styling Prom Dresses For Colder Weather

One of the worst things about being sick in bed is the boredom. After being cocky and claiming last week that I haven't been sick in a year, the inevitable happened - I came down with whatever cold/flu/bug everyone else has. Bleh. Yuck. The upside is, of course, that I can blog in between long stretches of sleep!

I spent part of last night dying a faded 50's prom dress a bright aqua in the bathtub. Which got me thinking about how I could wear this scanty piece of tulle right through winter - and not get cold or sick (again). If you are desperate to wear your sundresses or rompers or what have you right through Winter, maybe these lil Polyvore concoctions will give you some ideas:

Styling Prom Dresses For Colder Weather

Styling Prom Dresses for Colder Weather

Styling Prom Dresses for Colder Weather

Styling Prom Dresses for Colder Weather

I really, really want the pink, grey and navy outfit - Although I'd have to resort to thievery (some sort of bank heist, maybe?) to get my little mitts on those Chanel gloves ...


Eyeliah @ said...

Sorry you are sick :-( I love these outfits, you had already inspired me to look for my very own prom dress, now I just need to find one!

Pony said...

Aw, thanks, Eyeliah! It's more of a pain, than anything ...

You definitely do! There are a lot of 50's prom dresses going on eBay at the moment, and fewer and fewer people bidding on them (thanks, dire state of the economy!)

Can't wait to see you in a prom dress whenever you get one :)

The Sequin Cat said...

You have immaculate taste!