Saturday, 4 April 2009

Stand Up

This is what I wore to go and see Dylan Moran last night, despite a thriving head cold:

last night, worn in the rain

last night

Sorry I look so haggard. I was practically unconscious. Not aided by the fact that it was raining heavily when we got out, and I walked in the rain a couple of blocks to get to the car. Silly girl.

I'm wearing:

• 1940's 'Toni Todd' plaid dress, eBay. It's delicate so I don't wear it much.
• A 1950's plum silk taffeta jacket with velvet collar, eBay. The rain left some marks, I'll have to see if they dryclean out?
• Black checkered stockings, bought in the supermarket.
• 1950's repro spectators, bought when I was seventeen and couldn't find any anywhere (if only I'd waited!)

Like I said, I love this dress, but the cotton is so fine, I'm afraid of destroying it, so as a consequence it doesn't get much wear. The last time I wore it was a year ago!

Ah, natural hair colour ... I don't miss you much.

Hope you're all well, and not suffering from the same cold everyone seems to have!

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Eyeliah @ said...

Oh its a cute outfit, lovely dress!