Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spicy Sports and Short Shorts

I know that i'm the less frequent poster here, but if you've ever paid attention to my occasional offerings to blogdom, you'll sure have noticed that my fashion sense is all too often influenced by that illusive and great creature, SPORT.

I, somewhat ironically, am basically completely useless on a field of any kind, with any sort of inflatable/projectile/WMD that some vindictive referee has devised to be put in/over/through a hoop/goal/line. But i am, Regardless, completely and utterly at the mercy of sporting fashion, particularly of the vintage variety.

From, jersys to shorts, to socks to shoes, from golfing to baseball to american football to croquet, i have a penchant for that special flair that uniform helps pull together. maybe its the colour matcher in me coming out, who knows, all i know is that i love sporting clothes, and heres a few sly examples of me mixing it up, these range from the casual addition of a shirt to an ordinary outfit to attempts at Otaku style recreation.

So this is my recreation of the classic 70s P.E. Teacher look, sadly minus the moooostache im wearing, Nike Dunks on my feet from Footage in sydney, Opshopped Adidas Running Shorts, an op shopped Jersey an a really really awesome AFL Kangaroos Starter cap.

This is just pretty much an attempt at that "Fresh Prince of Bel' air" circa 1991 look, im wearing, Puma clydes on my feet, opshopped Redpoint jeans, and that awesome Vintage Pheonix Suns shirt if By Starter.

Not such a sporty look, but most of the clothes im in are sporting in nature. Stolen bowling shoes (ask pony about that one), those op shop redpoints again, vintage Disneyland Baseball shirt, and a classic 5 panel baseball meshcap, which i think was given to me at somepoint.

This final outfit, just a bit of an attempt at the classic runners outfit, running shorts by Stubbies (which is a fiercly australian brand by the way) Adidas ZX runners, and a nice light shirt by Wrangler, which im wearing inside out, cuz i dont like the print.



Pony said...

how come i've never seen you hunch before in my life 'cept in photos, huh?

i love the P.E. teacher look. it's a bit awesome!

i have to go away and sneeze woefully now.

Pink said...

i know, i know, im a bit of a photo huncher!

so are you suggesting that i start hunching in real life or stop hunching in photos?

Pony said...

i don't know!? maybe you're striking the right balance as it is?

i'm trying to stop slouching in general. it's haaaard ...

ZombieLace said...

Awesome, nothing like a man unafraid to show some thigh! ;~) And you capture the greasy 90's stoner skate kid as well as the 80's European olympian, both perfectly!

Pink said...

"greasy 90's stoner skate kid" i like that, i like that a lot.

E(ileen) said...

Eh, I posted a comment on your flickr photo of the 1970s PE teacher look -- I was the one with the story of my PE teacher in white tennis shorts, y'know, the story that made your day...

A little bit slow to realise that you're Pink from Pony and Pink! Hello!

Addie alexa said...

I just love your dressing sense very much.This is really cool and your short design is just awesome.