Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Regular Everyday Stylin'

You know how everyday, you get up, and you go to work? And when at work, you wear very specific similar things? Well this is what i've been wearing on my daily trek to workville, plain and simple, basic colours, classic sort of look. It's a nice change from my usual crazyness.

And most importantly DENIM JACKET!

So im wearing leather Adidas Superstars, Levi Jeans (i forget the model, but ive taken the seams in to make them skinnies), Ralph Loren Polo shirt, RVCA Hoodie, my new favourite thing some no name, op-shopped, denim jacket, and my clubmasters.

1 comment:

Pony said...

You look really good when you dress simply! Even if you are wearing the denim bane of my existence :P