Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Pony and Pink Go OpShopping

Last Friday, Pink and I went opshopping in our hometown. I haven't gone opshopping in months, convinced that all of the opshop employees in Canberra are funding hardcore blue rinse habits with their jacked-up clothing prices. So I was relieved to find that back home, I can still find some fantastic stuff for a few dollars each. I'll post some pictures of my finds later!

Til then, here are two pictures of your humble bloggers waiting outside an awesomely old-school fish and chip shop for fried potato goodness:

what we look like
Pink wore:

• Van Classics.
• Shorts by Fletcher Jones, opshopped.
• Shirt by NY Yankees/Warner Bros.
• Vintage Hebrew Coke Cap.
• And the sunglasses that should be put on a shrine with a halo behind them - Ray-ban 1980s Clubmasters.

what we look like
I wore:

• Black and white check dress, purchased at H&M in Vienna, 2006.
• Black diamante-studded beret, eQuip.
• Black stirrup leggings, Myer.
• I was wearing cream and black quilted ballet flats, but they were killing me, so ... barefoot!
• My weird falling-apart filing cabinet of a handbag.


Anonymous said...

fish and chip shop near jamies old house ftw!

Pink said...

Lol, who is anonymous!

also, i was wearing,

-Van Classics
-Shorts by Fletcher Jones, opshopped
-Shirt by NY Yankees/Warner Bros
-Vintage Hebrew Coke Cap
-And my favourite And your, my Original rayban 80s Clubmasters

Lavender said...

were the quilted flats from Target? If so I feel your pain.

Pony said...

Anonymous/Probably Ben - Totally! It was just as bad/awesome as I remember. Although, sadly, the really filthy Chiko Roll ads with women on motorcycles have disappeared. Sad times.

Lavender - YES!! Why do all Target shoes hurt like the devil??