Friday, 24 April 2009

It Was All Yellow

This is what I wore to go and paint yesterday - this dress has paint threaded throughout the lace, which makes me very happy!

painting outfit

• Spotted short-sleeve cardigan, from a cheapie shop a couple of of years ago.
• Mustard stockings, a specialty sock shop a few years ago.
• 70's lace dress, shortened and the sleeves cut off, eBay.
• Painting boots, 1970's/80's, eBay.

Also I am selling this pair of 1950's cat eye sunglasses on eBay to try to compensate for buying a pair of tortoiseshell wayfarers ... if this auction goes well, I'll list some others in the coming weeks. I am a sunglasses fiend. I get ridiculously attached to every pair, but it's time to let some of them go ...

gold cat eye sunglasses

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