Monday, 13 April 2009

Grunge Revival for Vintage Enthusiasts

Well, in terms of fashion, the 90's have been back for quite a while. Pink has obviously embraced this for some time now, but I've been a little more reticent. But in the last few weeks, I've finally been able to admit: I really, really love the 90's. I love flannelette shirts and combat boots (Drew Barrymore in Mad Love, anyone?) I spent a good portion of last night looking at grunge music videos. I become a warm-fuzzy-gushing-nightmare whenever anyone mentions those horrible flower hats worn by any and all members of Girlfriend.

I think my problem has been that I couldn't figure out a way to slice my nostalgia-laden love of the 90's with my super-feminine vintage wardrobe in a way that truly worked.

Thank the Easter Bunny I've got Polyvore. Otherwise I would never know the pleasure of mixing sequinned Converse with lucite handbags.

grunge revival for vintage enthusiasts

grunge revival for vintage enthusiasts

grunge revival for vintage enthusiasts

grunge revival for vintage enthusiasts

There are just two things that I may never understand:

1. Denim jackets. I hate them. I'm not the biggest denim-girl in general, though, so this might be a matter of taste.

2. Whatever the HELL Linda Perry was wearing in her "What's Up" video. Linda, honey ... the Lucky Charms leprechaun wants his hat back.


mouse graves said...

Dude, I JUST got a denim jacket the other day-- it's a vintage Esprit, very early 90s, and it was bequeathed upon me by a friend who thought that if anyone could do something with it (gulp-- this is the guillotine phrase for aesthetes) *I* should be able to.

So now I've got an Esprit denim jacket and no plans. I think I'll de-sleeve it. You should suck it up and find me some lovely 90s inspiration.

Pink said...

Im denim jacketing it every other day at the moment, pics coming but my sister broke my camera...

Pony said...

mademoiselle mouse, i really think the only way to get away with a denim jacket is to ham that shit up - i'd do a 'lost boys' kind of thing - fingerless gloves, clubmasters, combat boots (vampire teeth! hehe) or a floaty, on-the-prairie vogue editorial circa 92 - gunne sax dress or petticoat, denim jacket, fedora hat and vegan doc-style boots. you can TOTALLY do it though - i am in COMPLETE agreement with your friend-with-the-word-guillotine :D

pink - you WOULD, dude. you would. because you still party like it's 1995.

Eyeliah @ said...

great outfits! I loved that movie, and you so have some Drew hair going on right now too.

Pink said...

would i be the young keifer? or the hot brother/vampire? cuz i already got the clubmasters/docs/fingerless gloves (well i have some fingerless gloves somewhere...) thing goin on!

an i party like its 1990! yoyo.

wishin i was luke perry in the buffy movie an shit.

Iole said...

Hi, just discovered your blog and stopped by. Love it!
Come to vivis mine

Pony said...

Eyeliah - I didn't really realise that, but it's true! I do have a little bit of Drew-circa-95 going on! Yay!!

lole - you have a gorgeous blog, thank you for the compliment :)

Pony said...
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