Thursday, 23 April 2009

Booty and Souvenirs

Just as I promised ... a lil bit of my latest opshopping booty!




I got this puff-sleeved, pearl-studded cardigan for $5.00, this beautiful 60s or 70's wool jacket that makes me feel like Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris for $15.00, and this fitted brown riding jacket, which needs re-hemming, for $4.00. I got another black wool riding jacket, which fits me perfectly and is lined in red silk, but it didn't photograph properly.

The other, black, riding jacket had a little tag on it that said "$80.00" - since it was a beautifully tailored jacket and in perfect condition (and I've been living in Canberra too damn long) I assumed this was the price the ladies had put on it. I went up to them, and just barely choked out the words, "Is this really eighty dollars?" I was expecting a lecture on how it was worth the price, like I do in Canberra ... instead I got a shocked look and a "No! No ... let's see, it's a ladies jacket, ladies jackets are ... hmm ... four dollars."

I bought it.

I also scored a pair of deadstock 1970's men's sporting shorts that look like pin-up shorts on my figure. Too bad it's getting so much colder now.

While I was traveling about on the weekend, after I left the glorious opshopping mecca that is my hometown, I picked up a multicoloured silk scarf, and three different-coloured cactuses, named Alpha, Beta and Epsilon, respectively. My mad scientist mother suggested the names. I love buying something small wherever I go - I love my memories of a place to be crystallised in a tiny thing that I can carry with me and wear on my body (I am, of course, not talking about the cactuses. Ouch.)

abigail, abigail, silk, silk

my new cactuses



anja louise said...

The cactus colors are insane. I've never seen that before, so nice!

uselesslines said...

AMAZING cacti. They look like something from under the sea! I too have a thing for cacti, but have never owned anything as brilliant as these :(

Pony said...

i love plants that look like alien species, like these ... it's weird that these cactuses seem to be so rare, but i found them in a town in the middle of nowhere for $5 each!!

FON said...

Omg I love those succulents!